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Work with us!

Making collaboration easier

WowRobee partners with the US leading integrator, consultants, and value-added resellers. Together, we deliver a complete serving robot solution that is easy to integrate, seamlessly scales, is intuitive to operate, and quickly produces value for the customer.

Why Partner with WowRobee

Our dedicated team of industry experts work with you to develop a highly collaborative partnership that delivers optimal results for your customer.

  • Dedicated US partner team

  • Proven results – simple to use, rapid implementation, minimal infrastructure changes leading to unparalleled ROI

Who We Partner With

WowRobee developed a rich and deep partner eco that delivers the highest quality of robots solution design, robot using software integration, after sales service, and support branding and cost reductions output from Day 1.


We collaborate with:


  • Food providers and integrators

  • Related supply chain

  • POS system software providers

  • Marketing referral partners





WowRobee serves as launch point for customers to leverage the power of collective marketing leading solution to drive hospitality productivity improvements, address critical labor constraints and improve employee retention and engagement.

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