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NanaBot Plus

Industry Delivery Robot

NanaBot Plus, the latest innovation in delivery robotics, features an array of full-dimensional sensory capabilities coupled with an aesthetically pleasing design. This robot incorporates cutting-edge bionic elements and advanced interactive functionalities, offering an unparalleled and captivating delivery robot experience. 

NanaBot Plus

Revolutionary Lifting Feature

NanaBot Plus is designed to transport a variety of goods from one location to another without the need for manual loading or unloading. This groundbreaking feature is fully automated, allowing Juno Lift to handle cargo transfers seamlessly and efficiently, revolutionizing the way goods are moved within facilities.

Superior Load Capacity

NanaBot Plus incorporates exceptional strength in load-bearing, equipped with a robust framework that supports transporting heavy and varied loads seamlessly. With its emphasis on heavy-duty performance, NanaBot Plus stands out as a pivotal solution for industries in need of dependable load transportation.


customizable vehicles

Customizable vehicles

NanaBot Plus integrates advanced vehicle control, customizable lifting for any shelf, profile and chassis flexibility, all managed by central systems for streamlined automation.

fully automatic operation

Fully Automatic Operation

NanaBot Plus offers seamless delivery with automatic map building, task scheduling, and self-navigation, including obstacle avoidance and recharge capabilities.

unmanned handing

Unmanned Handling with

NanaBot Plus streamlines operations with its unmanned handling feature, enabling precise automation and enhanced efficiency in various settings.

cetimeter detection

Centimeter level detection

NanaBot Plus achieves centimeter-level autonomy in positioning and navigation while proficiently avoiding obstacles.

map building

Rapid HD Map Building

NanaBot Plus can be deployed remotely and is operational within 10 minutes, integrating advanced mapping technologies for ease of use via various devices.

intelligent platform

Hardware + APP + Intelligent Platform

NanaBot Plus combines hardware with an intelligent APP for streamlined remote operation and monitoring, enhanced by cloud integration and an open API.

Design Aesthetics

Nanabot plus


Machine Size                        60*90*124 (cm)


Machine Weight                   73KG


Charging Time                      5h


Battery Lifetime                    >10h


Cruise Speed                        0.1~1.5m/s


Carrying Capacity               Max 200Kg

Crossing Width                     80cm

Climb Angle                            ≤ 5°

Network                                    4G/wifi

Tray Size                                   60*77 (cm)

Position Precision                 CM level

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