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Premium Delivery Robot

The latest delivery robot with full dimensional sensory and cute design. Featuring an innovative bionic design and human-computer interaction, BellaBot brings the delivery robot experience to an unique and attractive way.

BellaBot banner body




Virtual SLAM

Laser SLAM

 BellaBot design 1
BellaBot design 2
BellaBot design 3
BellaBot design 4
BellaBot parameter2.2.0


Machine size                        516*537*1290mm


Machine weight                   55kg


Machine material                 ABS/aviation-grade aluminum alloy


Charging time                      4.5H


Battery lifetime                    12 - 24H (Replaceable Battery)


Cruise speed                       0.5~1.2m/s adjustable


Carrying Capacity               10kg/tray, Max 40KG

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