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New Generation Robot

LunaBot, the newest delivery robot, boasts full-dimensional sensory capabilities and a charming design. LunaBot integrates innovative bionic elements and advanced interaction function, offering a unique and engaging delivery robot experience.



3D Obstacle Avoidance

The function involves 3D obstacle avoidance, utilizing two RGBD cameras for enhanced perception. This system boasts exceptional 3D awareness with a wide 180° detection angle. It incorporates the original Memory obstacle memory algorithm and utilizes our Chaos multi-sensor technology for comprehensive sensing capabilities.

3D Advanced Perception

Multiple Modes

Multiple Modes

Food Delivering Model
Direct Model 
Crusie Model 
Birthday and Event Model
Guiding and Reception Model
Drink Delivering Model 

Following Model (Beta) 

Independent Suspension

The system features adjustable and independent suspension designed to ensure a smooth delivery experience. It incorporates adaptable damping mechanisms that respond to the weight of the delivery, enhancing performance based on varying loads. The intelligent shock absorption system is implemented for precise control, contributing to an overall smooth and efficient operation.

Smart Tray
Independent Suspension

​Smart Tray

LunaBot's Smart Tray showcases a blend of high-tech features, including an infrared sensing tray for responsive interaction. Its modular quick-release structure enhances user convenience, allowing for easy attachment or detachment. The tray also features a smart light strip, offering customizable lighting options. Additionally, it is equipped with multiple light prompt modes, providing various visual cues and enhancing its functionality.

Intelligent Interactive Experience

LunaBot integrates intelligent speech recognition technology and an AI voice chip, enabling natural and accurate voice command responses. Complemented by a microphone array, it ensures clear audio capture from various directions, enhancing user interaction.

Self-Developed L4 Autonomous Driving

LunaBot's L4 Autonomous Driving feature excels in obstacle detection and avoidance with its advanced multi-sensor algorithm, ensuring precise navigation. It's also capable of outdoor obstacle detection, enhancing its versatility in different environments.

Advertising Screen

The Advertising Screen feature on LunaBot is highlighted by a 15.6-inch ultra-high-definition large screen, providing a striking and engaging display. It is capable of presenting a variety of media formats, including video, images, and animations, offering versatile display options.

Design Aesthetics



Machine Size                        58 * 49 * 129 (cm)


Machine Weight                   73KG


Machine Material                 ABS/aviation-grade aluminum alloy


Charging Time                      4.5H (Automatic Recharging)


Battery Lifetime                    > 8H


Cruise Speed                         0.3 - 1.2m/s


Carrying Capacity                Max 100KG

Obstacle Negotiation          7mm

Height  Max                           

Crossing Width                      ≥ 65cm

Climb Angle                             ≤ 10

Screen Size and Dpi             15.6 inch, 1920*1080

Tray Size                                    43*40 (cm)

Position Precision                  CM level


Want to know more? Download the intrudoction 

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