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Industry Delivery Robot

NanaBot, a dynamic delivery robot with a 200KG capacity, customizable cabin, and lightweight AMR design. Offers global navigation, near-zero cost deployment, intelligent obstacle avoidance, limitless operating areas, and adaptable work modes for cross-floor, cross-region operations.



customizable vehicles

Customizable vehicles

NanaBot, customizable lifting for any shelf, profile and chassis flexibility, all managed by central systems for streamlined automation.


Multi-Task Scheduling

NanaBot excels with multi-task scheduling, optimizing operational flow through smart, efficient task management.

new amr


NanaBot, effortless remote deployment, adaptable navigation with obstacle avoidance, autonomous lift integration, and flexible, cost-effective operation.

autonomous driving

Autonomous Driving

NanaBot features self-developed L4 autonomous driving, enabling sophisticated, driverless operation for seamless, intuitive navigation.

map building

Rapid HD Map Building

NanaBot can be deployed remotely, integrating advanced mapping technologies for ease of use via various devices.

smooth transportation

Smooth Transportation

NanaBot ensures smooth, silent transportation, offering a disturbance-free experience in any setting.

Design Aesthetics



Machine Size                        50*71*124 (cm)


Machine Weight                   73KG


Charging Time                      5h


Battery Lifetime                     >12h


Cruise Speed                       0.1~1.5m/s

Obstacle                                20mm                          

Carrying Capacity              Max 200Kg

Crossing Width                    70cm

Climb Angle                          ≤ 8°

Network                                  4G/wifi

Tray Size                                  50*62 (cm)

Position Precision                CM level

Charging Hours                    5 Hours

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